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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post
Oh man, you are just pushing all my buttons with these "old goalie" posts.
... ya, Im afraid Seals we've turned into those Crusty old Curmudgeons who claimed we were sissy's for wearing a mask, that "back in my day, I used a half'a hollowed out grapefruit as a jock, my Grandaddys cricket pads from the British Championships at Wembley in 1883, a rat eaten boxing glove as a blocker and nothing but my bare hand wrapped in tape under a kid leather opera glove to catch the puck... outdoors, -30 with the windchill factor in whiteouts... three hour hike in skates across the frozen prairie wastes to get there... in the dark.... wouldnt get home til 4.... then I had to milk 200 head of Guernseys by hand... clean their stalls.... cut & sell chords of wood so we could buy sugar & flour... school?... Ha!"...

God, one guy I had as a Goalie Coach in the mid-60's had played pro for years in just about every minor league that ever existed. Close to 90yrs of age. Born during the Civil War. Chain smoking one handed rolled cigarettes from start to finish of every practice; taking "nips" from a sterling silver flask some team in Podunk wherever gave him in 19 odd two.... Another guy, he had his pro career horribly end when using those short flopper type pads of the 50's with the top strap either completely removed or undone. Goes down to stop a shot, the puck first shattering one knee cap, hideously ricocheting off to the immediate left exploding the other one into about 97 pieces. Woke up in the hospital like weeks later.... in both cases however, these guys understood the position, were real students themselves, able to appreciate, convey & teach a hybrid style of stand-up & butterfly that was every bit as sophisticated as the leading lights of the time in Plante & Hall.

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