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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Since when? Have you even watched him play in the NFL? He is taking HUGE hits every game and has already had injury problems in his rookie year. I am not the only one worried about his health -- it's been a big topic ever since he already got his first concussion.

He's a little guy. Very slight. He's going to have to stop running so much if he wants a long career.
He isn't as brittle as Vick: Vick also has had rib, arm, wrist problems to go along with his concussions. But...

Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I live in VA. I have seen every single game of his. He is getting smoked game in, game out. Most Skins fans down here are already worrying about him. Once he hits Vick's age, he will have seen his play decline even more than Vick (since Vick had some time off from the league's grind) unless the team reigns his game in a bit and forces him to stop running so often.
I've seen some highlights, some Redskins games and this is true. He gets hammered, both when still in the pocket and when he's running with the ball. You could maybe rectify the former but you're still left with the latter. And there have been games where RGIII has been clutching his sides or arm.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Well I haven't seen every game, but the 5 or so I have I haven't seen anything too serious. I'll take your word for it if you're watching every game. I wouldn't listen to the media though, considering how sensationalistic they can be.
Of course. A few weeks ago, they said the Redskins are officially out of it. Last week, the Cowboys were going to be a thorn in the side of the Giants and they'll probably be in prime position to take over the division.


The Cowboys are in a tailspin and the Giants have to watch-out for the Redskins.

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