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11-23-2012, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
Because NHL owners take all the risk as seen by most NHL teams losing money. Do players risk losing money? No they don't...unless they're locked out which is the case right now obviously. Why would NHL players deserve more than a 50/50 split when most other more popouar sports leagues like the NFL and the NBA have these percentages..

NFL: Players 47%-48.5%, Owners 51.5%-53%

NBA: Players 50%, Owners 50%

Yes fans pay to see these players play, but where do they see them play? These huge multi million dollar arenas are not paid for by the players. Without the owners to build up the infrastructure to show the world these players talent, they would be nothing. Yes people could still watch them play, but they wouldn't be paying through the nose like they're doing now and would be making peanuts in comparison. You act like "these investors" are available just about on every street corner. It takes a lot of money and balls to own a majors sports team.
Losing money by what definition? A long time ago a GM told his players the team had lost $2 million this year. When they questioned him on it he told them he had made $4 million the year before and this year he was only going to make $2 million, therefore the team had lost $2 million.

So much of this making and losing money is bogus accounting. If a team's franchise value goes up by $5 million and they make a couple million on other events at the arena and if they pay off $!0 million dollars worth of loans, are they really losing money?

Don't worry though, when we enter the deflationary part of this economic cycle these clowns will really lose a lot of money and they will learn that balloons can deflate a lot faster then they it took for them to be inflated.

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