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Originally Posted by CpatainCanuck View Post
Once again "old-time" fans look at the past with rose-coloured glasses.

How many points do you think Crosby would be scoring with Mike Bossy and Clark Gillies in their prime as regular linemates, instead of journeymen like Armstrong, Malone, Kennedy and (old) Recchi. Who would the equivalent of Bossy and Gillies be today?
I'm not one of those guys that penalizes a guy because he plays with another Hall of Famer so I won't do it with Trottier. And I won't do it with Crosby either who always has had Malkin behind him at center forcing a team to decide which line to check. Not to mention power play time with Malkin and the odd time they are linemates just to mix it up. They've both had great players to play with, and they've both benefitted from it.

That being said, Trottier is leading this poll 34-22 so I think it goes beyond "old time" fans being bias about the past. To have watched Trottier it is impossible to just dismiss this discussion. Trottier at his best scored 134 points, with Dionne getting 130 and Lafleur getting 129. I don't think Crosby has ever proven to be much more offensively - if at all - than Dionne or Lafleur. Then in 1980 he wins the first of four Cups. He wins the Smythe, which Crosby didn't do yet. He leads his team in playoff points twice when they win the Cup all the while having Mike Bossy as his main competition. He also maintains his wonderful all around game.

Now look, Crosby is turning into a player that we might just say "what if" regarding when all is said and done. He's been clumsy on the ice and injured himself two times at a time when he was leading the NHL in points. He's also been outpointed in a full season by Henrik Sedin. Hey, no big deal, Trottier got outpointed by Peter Stastny which is definitely not any worse. And while you can say that Crosby has always been among the top 1-3 players in the NHL the truth is Malkin did better for the Cup in 2009, Malkin has won more Art Rosses and Ovechkin has a better Hart track record. You may not be wrong if you say Crosby is the best player post lockout, but you can also make a very good argument that Trottier was the best player in the game for a couple years and only once a kid named Gretzky came along did he finally lose that title. Even then, he's probably the 2nd best player in the world for a little while.

Crosby can still yet prove to us that he is clearly superior to Trottier, but as long as he has his head up Fehr's (well, you know what) we aren't going to even see what he can do at the age of 25. Trottier had 129 points and another Stanley Cup when he was 25 for those wondering.

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