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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... ya, as I stated earlier, noted the ambivalence while distancing himself from his former bosses mechanizations, the agreement itself. Having watched Beasley in action for several years, he didnt strike me as someone who was smart nor capable enough to act alone, a guy who wouldve delegated much to his 2nd in command with respect to actually putting together the nuts & bolts.

Ed hiring someone from an even smaller community than Glendale, like say for example, oh I dunno, Litchfield Park? Promises of "stick with me kid, one day this will all be yours". Some Honest Rube type who'll do exactly whats he's told blithely, innocently, naively. Like a PA to Charlie Sheen type dealeo. Always sober, looking the other way, hustling the guy out of a bungalow at the Chateau Marmont before the cops & paparazzi arrive. Left behind to take the rap. Pouring whiskey & wine on his clothing, swallowing bags of drugs & licking the mirrors clean like it was his last meal....
So Killion, when are you going to write the book-you know which one I mean....

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