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Originally Posted by ContrarianGoaltender View Post
... suggesting that one technical flaw caused all of Holecek's bad performances while somehow failing to impact all of his good ones would require a mountain of video evidence to support it. Count me as highly, highly skeptical of that oversimplified explanation.
.... you dont need a whole lot of video evidence to take apart Holoceks' game CC, and he had a lot more than just "one technical flaw", while transversely, he also had a number of strengths. His was a "style" if you will that was instinctive, artistic, built to be effective against the Soviets, the style of the game being played in the Czech Republic's league.

A high energy acrobat, a sprinter rather than a 440 specialist let alone a Miler or Marathon Man, and Im talking specifically against North Americans. He was either "in the zone" right out of the blocks or he wasnt, and he'd find himself on the bench watching as his coaches got that real quick. Against the larger, faster & far more physical Canucks, you could count on him standing on his head in the same way youd bet all in with a throw of the dice. You just might get lucky in a short series, one game, but long-term, consistently facing NHL players, absolutely no way, forget it. Had he been trained in Canada in that era at a younger age then sure, as clearly he was a real "gamer".

Through no fault of his own, simply didnt have the banks of knowledge, the technical reserves upon which he could rely if facing NHL'er's night in night out. Theres just no way he could have kept up that style over a gruelling 76 or 82 game regular schedule. Requires serious pacing, economy of effort while making the save, positional control etc as you well know being a proponent of todays modern BF. You'll fold if your an abstract artist in the way Holocek was. Effective in Europe & Russia yes; shorter seasons, number of games, different on so many levels. Unsustainable in Canada or the US, and I would contend that even in the high minors, a real problem.

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