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Originally Posted by Yourface View Post
Whatever man... People see what they want to see.

EDIT: Nevermind, I actually do remember now, a few instances where he was hitting guys when he seemed to get frustrated with himself

But fact remains that he sucks in the D-zone and hasn't been hitting at all in the KHL so far.
Sometimes, but he also was just laying the body for the sake of making the play (like the goal he set up in one of the last games). I watched every SSS game as well and just like everyone but you I saw him throwing his weight around a fair amount. Not sure about the KHL but in Sarnia and the SSS he was pretty aggressive. I think there is a quote somewhere floating around from his coach or trainer is Sarnia about this?

You also don't seem to understand the impact on a player playing under a system of a coach. It is a lot different under his coach in the KHL than it was in Sarnia or then it will be in EDM.

He also wasn't even that bad in the D-zone from what I saw in the SSS. Many people seem to be over exaggerating his "lazyness" in his own zone. We want him to not be a liability in our own zone (which he isn't) and have great offensive instincts (which he does). Yak will be fine.

Edit: And on top of all that Yak's best asset is not his skills it's his motivation to be the best and willingness to do anything for his team to win (not unlike Hall). They are both extremely passionate players who just want to play hockey and to win. Yak will work hard to improve anything our coaches think he needs to improve to help us win.

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