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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, to be fair the 1972 team had Cournoyer, both Mahovlich brothers, Dryden, Savard and Lapointe. They were stacked with Hab players as it was. Granted the 1975-'76 team did perform well in that New Year's Eve game.
... ya, it was to some degree stacked, however, I just happen to believe (and remember they won the SC spring 73) that we'd have been in for a treat of epic proportions beyond what we did enjoy had the Hab's simply changed uniforms for this particular series, constituted a "Real Team" in representing Canada. They more than any other NHL team had the personnel & coaching to have IMO really done on a number on the Russians, guys like Lafleur & Shutt ascendant, Houle, Lapperiere, Lambert, Bouchard & Larose, Henri Richard etc etc.

I think Dryden wouldve found himself playing with a lot more confidence, and though perhaps a controversial suggestion, had he found himself in trouble, I dont think Bowman wouldve had any problem in throwing in Michel Plasse, a smaller, more mobile type crossover hybrid who given the opportunity could seriously surprise & stun the opposition. A guy with plenty to prove, and we've seen over the years how guys like that can rise to the occasion, from Sawchuk to Mike Smith this past spring in Phoenix. Montreal also had Wayne Thomas of course, however, I think Bowman if a change in net was required wouldve gone with Plasse, Thomas a big man, pretty much pure stand-up, but none the less, options. Indeed, Pollock & Bowman mightve even called up Larocque (and Larry Robinson) from Nova Scotia etc.

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