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11-23-2012, 04:55 PM
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Two stories from the same game.

First one. Opposing player attempted a wrap around on me on my glove side. He came up short and jammed the puck into the backside of my net. Ref immediately signals for a goal. I calmly point out the puck sitting on the back of the netting and not in the net. Ref is convinced he saw a goal so he checks the net for a hole the puck may have slipped through. He finds a tiny hole on the stick side of my net and determines that the puck defied all laws of physics and went across the crease, over the goal line, through the hole on the far side of the net, wrapped around the back of the netting(which included the bar in the middle of the net), and settled down on the back of the netting at the point of the shot.

To put it nicely, I ended that incident with a 10 minute misconduct.

Later in that game with less than 30 seconds left and my team trailing by one, opposing player blatantly closes his hand on the puck in the middle of the crease. Red awarded our team a 2 minute PP instead of a penalty shot. When questioned why he didn't rule for a penalty shot, he claimed that there was no such thing as a crease in roller hockey and therefore there was no grounds to call for a penalty shot. This was absolutely untrue and quickly disproved by everyone with 2 brain cells to run together after the game.

There is a reason I despise officials and have no respect for refs who refuse to admit they made a bad call.

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