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Originally Posted by Paralyzer View Post
Nope. I wasn't. He wasn't terrible. Not as bad as Archer or Jyles. He had his good games, but Maas came in and took him out of that position pretty quickly if I remember quickly.

Always thought Nealon Greene was a poor man's Tracy Ham. I'll admit, the guy could run like crap, but his ability to run an offence was questionable at best. I doubt he ever went through any of his reads past the 2nd option before taking off. He had a rather short stint with the Esks and was okay. But I wouldn't put the Greene/Maas pairing in with the other two pairings I mentioned.

Sadly, I can go back to the days of Don Trull, Corey Colehour and Larry Lawrence. I vote Trull as the worst quarterback this franchise has ever seen. Older, washed up by the time he came here, no arm, no footspeed, and could never grasp the Canadian game. I'll never forget him setting the CFL record of 6 interceptions in a game against Ottawa. Our defence was so dammed good in those days, we only lost 17-0.

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