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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
We are just talking about some insane seperation here. Not 10 points year to year but we are talking about sometimes 50 points. Ratelle was relatively close in 1972 and Clarke was "sort of" close in 1973 and Hull in 1969. Other than that it's almost embarassing. That's a lot of separation there and from just an individual basis I can't see the argument that Clarke and Ratelle were close to Esposito offensively even just by watching them play on the ice.
Except that the evidence provided in the other thread strongly suggests that Orr's presence was worth about 0.33 points per game to Espo, which is about 27 per season, and that's a bare minimum and before you consider the territorial edge he provided. Without Orr, the play is in Boston's end a lot more when Espo's on the ice, than it otherwise was.

I agree that it looks like Espo could still have won a ross without Orr, perhaps 2 or 3, but the margins wouldn't have been so great. And I know you don't think quantity matters, but it does. Part of his legacy is how many titles he won, and also the margins he won them by. That changes drastically without Orr. Put Orr on one of five other teams, and it's quite possible that their best forward wins a couple Art Rosses in the 1970s as well.

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