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11-23-2012, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by SteenMachine View Post
It's amazing how talented the worst team in the league 3 years running is... Stop living in hypothetical dreamland for a while and realize that you're taking proven talent for barely exposed talent with a lot of potential to do better... or get this WORSE.

Not every player in the league develops in a linear forward progression, clearly not in Edmonton or they'd have gone up at least 1 draft spot by now for crying out loud.

You act like you have a top 5 goalie and defense, with the worlds more talented young forwards in the league... and yet none of them can seem to win a game on the same team.

I have no idea where the delusion of "Only my teams prospects and players get better each and every year but yours have all plateaued" comes from unless you're just ************ about stat sheets and not even watching the players you doubt could even crack the almighty Oilers 2nd pairing or 3rd line.
What a long winded, self righteous, idiotic, diatribe.

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