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11-23-2012, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfan92 View Post
I am not wasting time trying to throw blame on anyone. I am saying that there is clearly a problem, and the players proposal didn't address it. To expect a positive reaction from the owners was ridiculous.
And they are not all billionaires and they are smart enough to turn revenues into profits, hence a lockout to address the greatest expense they have-player salaries.
record revenues = ONLY solution to turn it into profits is to rollback salaries... that's what you call smart ? really ?

Yup, cutting 10/15% in salaries should make CLB, PHX and a few others profitable... right ?

by the way, players (with their salaries) arent regular expenses, those players are the ONLY reason the NHL exist. No players - no NHL.

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