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11-23-2012, 07:34 PM
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I suspect a lot of players are natively moderate but occasional hardliners depending on how the negotiations are going.

I think most of them love the life style of being NHL players and are just looking for the NHL to give them something so they can go back to playing. This is why I think Bettman has done a lousy job. He doesn't read the situation at all but think of it only in terms of what he can get out of the players, simply because he can.

When the players say contracting is important to them and they can't believe why the league has to have that too, I get the impression that players really need to get something they can point to as worth fighting for. A win so they can save face and feel they fought for a good reason. I don't think any of them burn passionately about anything in there with the exception of UFA age and arbitration.

I think there are a lot of moderates but Bettman is working really hard trying to turn them into hardliners. Which is good news for 2017-18.

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