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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Yashin played in all of the top-6 highest scoring seasons of the past 17 seasons. Perhaps we should be making 'era' arguments for Spezza.
That's a nice argument without context.

The average number of goals scored go as such:

96-97 5.83 NHL GPG; OTW 2.76GF, 2.85GA; Yashin 82GP, 35-40-75

97-98 5.27 NHL GPG; OTW 2.35GF, 2.44GA; Yashin 82GP, 33-39-72

98-99 5.27 NHL GPG; OTW 2.91GF, 2.18GA; Yashin 82GP, 44-50-94

99-00 5.49 NHL GPG; OTW 2.98GF, 2.56GA; Yashin holdout/susp

00-01 5.51 NHL GPG; OTW 3.34GF, 2.50GA; Yashin 82GP, 40-48-88

Yashin traded to NYI.

01-02 5.24 NHL GPG; NYI 2.91GF, 2.68GA; Yashin 78GP, 32-43-75

Spezza enters the league.

02-03 5.32 NHL GPG; NYI 2.73GF, 2.82GA; Yashin 81GP, 26-39-65
02-03 5.32 NHL GPG; OTW 3.21GF, 2.22GA; Spezza 33GP, 7-14-21

03-04 5.15 NHL GPG; NYI 2.89GF, 2.56GA; Yashin 47GP, 15-19-34
03-04 5.15 NHL GPG; OTW 3.20GF, 2.30GA; Spezza 78GP, 22-33-55

Hossa is traded for Heatley.

05-06 6.17 NHL GPG; NYI 2.80GF, 3.39GA; Yashin 82GP, 28-38-66
05-06 6.17 NHL GPG; OTW 3.83GF, 2.57GA; Spezza 68GP, 19-71-90

Note: Both of Spezza's wingers outscored him. Miro Satan also tied Yashin.

06-07 5.90 NHL GPG; NYI 3.02GF, 2.93GA; Yashin 58GP, 18-32-50
06-07 5.90 NHL GPG; OTW 3.51GF, 2.71GA; Spezza 67GP, 34-53-87

Yashin bought out, returns to Russia. Heatley significantly outscores Spezza, Alfredsson ties.

07-08 5.56 NHL GPG; OTW 3.18GF, 3.01GA; Spezza 76GP, 34-58-92

08-09 5.83 NHL GPG; OTW 2.65GF, 2.89GA; Spezza 82GP, 32-41-73

09-10 5.68 NHL GPG; OTW 2.74GF, 2.90GA; Spezza 60GP, 23-34-57

10-11 5.59 NHL GPG; OTW 2.34GF, 3.05GA; Spezza 62GP, 21-36-57

11-12 5.46 NHL GPG; OTW 3.04GF, 2.93GA; Spezza 80GP, 34-50-84

Notice how all of Spezza's best seasons have much higher average GPG? Not to mention defensemen like Gonchar, Chara, and Karlsson to play with or linemates like Heatley and Alfredsson at their very best. Yashin was scoring close to or above PPG when the average league scoring was around 5.25 GPG. Spezza needed it to be closer to 5.6 or 5.7 to put up similar numbers, and on a much stronger offensive team.

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