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11-23-2012, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post

Man, these NHLPA cult comments would make you think Hamrlik and Neuvirth just flipped state evidence on the rest of the league. **** is just going so out of control and it's sad to see how childish and cliquish every NHLPA member who opens his mouth is.

"I can never trust those ****ing traitors ever again!!!!"


With today's cancellations, I can't see a season happening unless a deal is made in the next 7-10 days, which I don't expect at all.

Do expect to read a lot of intellectual tweets about "Gary". I gotta say, the "Gary" thing just cracks me up so much every time I see one of #theplayers use it. It's one of the most sophomoric ways to insult someone, practically early elementary school level. In some ways, the lockout has been more entertaining than a normal season.

I can only imagine what kind of conversations go on during the NHLPA meetings.

"So do we stick with the Gary thing"
"Hey, how about Puck Gary, get it?"
"****ing awesome Cole, Puck Gary, hahahahahaha"
*in unison*

Also imagine they are all wearing ceremonial robes and/or elaborate carved masks to these meetings.

I was picturing a mob of players in full gear storming Bettman's castle.

Seriously, these guys must not have any clue what they look like. I share your outlook for an agreement.

I'm calling it now, before it is over we'll see "Bettman and Daly sitting in a tree..."