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11-23-2012, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
I've seen this movie before. It was May, and council was attempting to ram through a lease agreement with JIG because it was an EMERGENCY!!! that was threatening the very well being, health and safety of Glendale. In fact I'm shocked the city hasn't crumbled in the 6 months since, as JIG hasn't yet signed a lease. Even though it was an EMERGENCY six months ago. If you'll remember from May, one of the "Nay" council members was in the hospital at the time.

I think the Big 4 Coyotes council members tried the exact same play - it's an EMERGENCY!, and since one of the council memebers wasn't in attendance (in this case in the hospital) her vote would automatically be counted as "Yes" and they have 5 out of 7 votes to enact the emergency clause. Dirty, sleazy, and taking advantage of a medical situation, but what the heck, if it ends up in a signed lease with JIG and no referendum, then go nuts, right Joyce?

Could this be their plan again? Go with 4 out of 6 votes and try to count Phil's as an automatic "Yes" to get to 5 votes? Seems like a dumb idea to me, it didn't work back then, they just got laughed at and the EMERGENCY part of that ordinance had to be overturned. What makes anyone think they'll get away with it this time, especially when you add in far more citizen outrage, an upcoming audit detailing financial improprieties, a lame duck council and a city manager who doesn't even approve of the deal?
There is no "Phil's Vote". There is no council member to be absent from the voting.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... set to be released posthumously when Im
beyond the reach of cops, lawsuits & ex-wives.
That won't stop them. They will dig you up and take you to court......

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