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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
I agree nice job, I wonder if there is a bit of residual affect of Orr though (ie as in increased confidence and shot taking remaining the same as well or even increasing).

I still wonder how he would have been without the Orr factor at all.

still it shows pretty impressive numbers (outside of those in Chicago and NYR).

Let's assume that his pace is like that without Orr and that the rest of his career stays exactly the same (playoff's with Orr adjusted as well I guess), the question is how far down does he slip on the all time list?

He was 20th Moose 22nd) on the all time top 70 list here, my guess is maybe down to the 40ish range?

Or does he drop below 50th and Marcel Dionne?
that's probably a bit on the harsh side. I think what these numbers show is that Orr was typically worth a 25% (minimum) boost in Espo's production. there are other factors that lead me to believe that it's more than that, but it's absolutely at least 25%.

take Espo's point totals from 1968 to 1975, and multiply by 0.8, and these are his maximum theoretical totals, assuming Orr plays elsewhere and puts up the same totals, but not speculating on what Orr does to another star forward elsewhere:

1968: 67 (11)
1969: 101 (3)
1970: 72 (6)
1971: 122 (2)
1972: 106 (4)
1973: 104 (T-1)
1974: 116 (2)
1975: 102 (6)

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