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11-23-2012, 09:00 PM
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Personally my strategy if I was the NHLPA would have been to accept a 50%-50% split of HRR revenues... if that's fair and equitable in the eyes of the NHL (which it seems to be and what their bottom line proposal likely was all along). All the rest was posturing and smoke.

My condition though if I was the NHLPA would be that the 30 teams split all team revenue in exactly 30 equal amounts as well. That way you insure all teams are viable financially and there are no "weak" fringe teams. The salary cap can also be tightened up considerably under that format as well... something as small as a 5%-10% gap between ceiling and floor so parity is further enhanced league-wide.

The only differentiators then between teams would be how well managed/coached they all are... and none would be working from a compromised and uncompetitive position.

That would effectively end all current and future league arguments that most teams are losing money... take away that argument by sharing the teams slice of the pie 30 equal ways. All the teams are in this together so they should all profit and lose together as well.

Unpopular proposal obviously for the most profitable teams.. but so be it... for the "greater good" of the NHL it's a fair proposal and insures that the players get an equal split of the revenues... and on the other side of the coin... each of the teams all get an equal split as well.

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