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11-23-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by klozge View Post
Tonight the whole team but Barrie wasn't good enough imo.
Yeah, Barrie was flying out there tonight, seems like the other team had problems containing him.

I did notice that Elliott had more jump, those of you who made comments that he was trying to be more creative out there were right on.

This team has a weird feel to it though, like they are capable of more but seems like a bunch of those guys aren't certain what their role should be. (Maybe I am hallucinating, but it's the feeling I get)

1) I like the Pock-Barrie combo but confused as to why Gaunce doesn't play with Elliott. That seems like the next 2 best d-men this team has.

2) I still see no use for what I've seen of Sean Sullivan. Maybe it's a 'fit' thing but it's just not working, in my opinion.

3) Curious as to why guys like Olver and DVDG don't seem to be able to get much going. Both these guys played some significant time in the NHL last year. I haven't seen all the monsters games but I would have expected more from them.

4) Both Geoff Walker & Bill Thomas have been pretty big disappointments up to this point. I think they could sit and we really wouldn't know the difference.

Perhaps for points #3 and #4, those 4 guys expected to play a bigger role on the team but the emergence of the young guys Agozzino, Sgarbossa and Luke Walker to a lesser extent, have scambled the cards a bit and now these guys are wondering how they fit on to this team. Anyways, those are my thoughts...perhaps someone who knows this team better can shed some light on these concerns.

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