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11-23-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ck26 View Post
Does anybody remember the beating GSP but on BJ Penn at UFC 94? That fight wasn't competitive at all, and I think that's what you'd get if you put Anderson (who walks around at 200-ish lbs) in there against a natural welterweight.
The difference is these guys have much different styles of fighting. Anderson isn't going to take GSP down and use his size to wear him down from the top position like GSP did with BJ. The test will be whether GSP can take Silva down and if he can, whether he can wear him down/inflict any damage. If he can't, then yes it will be a short fight as it usually is with Silva. But I don't think Silva's size is going to be what would beat GSP, it would be his amazing stand-up.

Anderson Silva moving down to catchweight/welterweight? No thanks. I want to see Anderson test himself by moving up to fight a SERIOUS LHW contender like Rashad or Shogun.
Agree 100%. Silva shouldn't be looking to test himself by moving down and fighting the smaller fighter, he needs to "move up". It would never, ever happen, but a fight with Machida could be epic(or an utter failure given their styles.). I think a fight against Rashad would be very interesting, even if it were to happen at 185.

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