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Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
Tell is supposed to be obviously sarcastic? Someone asked the value of a top 6 forward to the Habs, and in post #5, you just decided to post that? There is nothing in the previous posts, or in your post, to suggest that's possibly sarcastic. You decided to post some dumb, apparently sarcastic comment, in the beginning of a serious thread for what...? Sorry, but that looked pretty serious to me.
Unless HTT3 is the one saying it, it should be pretty easy to figure out that a #1 D-man in his early 20s for a top six forward in his early 30s wasn't serious.

And that's before you take multiple other factors about Franzen into account.

Like I said, if you needed a smiley to figure that out, you have bigger problems.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Oh yeah but the point you CONTINUE to miss, is that the low pick BOOM is very seldom quite obvious from the get-go.
Good point, and I'm pretty sure nobody said Nyquist was gonna be a top line forward the day he was drafted.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
With EJ, perhaps not as good as everyone thought he would be, now having just finished 4th full NHL season as a 24 yr old, you at least know what you're getting and the risk is minimal. With your two prospects, there is just more risk no matter how highly touted those guys are.
I never said EJ wasn't good. I said he wasn't worth that. Of course, there is a risk, but that risk goes both ways. Colorado risks them busting, hell they risk them getting into a plane crash on the way to Denver. At the same token Detroit risks EJ's career plummeting or Nyquist or Smith exceeding their projections.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Now I applaud you for having seen the future and being absolutely enamored with these 2 guys. I'm still waiting for fans of OTHER teams to come in and tell me that, hey, I'm absolutely wrong and that Nyquist and Smith are going to tear up the AHL this season, because let's face it, if they are already as good as you're claiming they are, the AHL should be cake. Then, after they are done destroying the AHL, they are going to come in and do some damage at the NHL level because these two guys are BLUE-CHIPPERS.
Pretty good assessment.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
For right now, I'm not seeing that. I mean c'mon, 9 points in 14 games for Smith, that's Tyson Barrie production level for cryin' out loud! (and as EVERYONE knows, Smith is way, way, WAY superior in all facets of the game than Barrie)

Now Nyquist is doing well with over a point per game with 17 pts in 14 games but as a 23 year old, is it really that impressive? We have a 20 year old first year pro, who's put up 15 points in 17 games played...should we freak out about him? Claim he's going to be a bona-fide top line NHL forward? When you think about it, what's really more impressive?
Are you going to continue to rehash the same stupid crap we already went over three or four pages ago? First of all, you seem to be hell bent on comparing your prospects to ours, when the fact of the matter is I couldn't give a rip what your prospects are doing.

Secondly, I believe I said two days ago that judging defenders by stats alone is foolish. Though if you'd like me to bring up the .50 PPG average Smith has in the NHL thusfar while averaging third pairing minutes, I can do that. And I'm sure you'll reply with "It's only 14 games", but hey, that's only four more games than your precious Barrie has played in the NHL, and he's still yet to register a point.

Now, on to Nyquist, you're right that he's 23, a fact that isn't very relevant at all. The only people ahead of him on the scoring race are RNH, Schultz, B. Schenn, Neidereitter, and Eberle. (And it's worth speculating that three of those guys are mutually benefitting from each other on the stats sheet) That's pretty good company to be in, regardless of age. He's only eight months older than Eberle and was drafted the same year and is nearly putting up just as many points on the scoresheet. If he puts up 76 points like Eberle did last year, you're not gonna find any complaints. (Especially considering Eberle went 22nd and Nyquist went 141st)

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
When it's all said and done, both Nyquist and Smith will most likely DO end up being important parts of the red wings team, I just wouldn't peg them as #1 d-man and top line forward, just yet.
Barring a serious improvement defensively, I wouldn't call Smith a number one defender. (In the same way I wouldn't call Green or Yandle a number one defender) In my opinion, he's a projected offensive stud/#1PP QB, but I don't see him as the guy Babcock would look to when he needs to kill a penalty in overtime during the playoffs.

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