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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I posted this in the lockout thread, but thought maybe it deserved it's own thread.

I was looking at some comparisons between the "Original Bettman Lockout" (1994-95), and this year's lockout. I came across some interesting numbers:

Average NHL Ticket Price in 1994-95: $33.49
Average NHL Ticket Price in 2011/12: $57.10
Difference: 70% increase in ticket cost over 17 years.

Average NHL Player Salary in 1994/95: $572,000 (this is the FULL-SEASON-prorated figure to reflect actual games played. Players in reality earned less than this, due to the shortened schedule)
Average NHL Player Salary in 2011-12: $2,450,000
Difference: 425% increase in average player salaries over 17 years.

Interesting numbers. This shouldn't paint a full picture of anything, I'm just putting them out there. Feel free to interpret these however you want.

Dissect at your own leisure.
I don't know if it's really a fair comparison since in 1994-95, salaries had just started to become disclosed to the public a few years earlier (1990) and they were just starting to skyrocket due to the competition between teams.

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