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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I can assure you that I've never seen a general bias against players on dynasty teams in the HoH forum. If anything, it's been my experience that there's more of a bias for such players on dynasties. People seem to value championships and playoff performance extraordinarily highly here. I tend to value playoff performance highly, but don't see championships as the most reliable indicator of an individual player's value.

I just don't think Savard or Lapointe were good enough for long enough. Realize that we're talking about a small tier (~3-7) of d-men who were the very best in history, aside from virtually unanimous consensus #1 Bobby Orr. That's quite an exclusive club, and expecting that more than one player from a single team/dynasty will be in that club is expecting quite a lot. I do think Robinson gets overlooked a bit due to his lack of offense, and perhaps the presence of Savard and Lapointe actually hurt his cause more than they help their own cases for that exclusive tier.
I've seen damn near every player for the dynasty Oilers (included Gretzky) get downgraded for playing on that team. I'm sure you've seen it: "Messier was only good because he played with Gretzky." "Gretzky was only good because he played Kurri." ect ect ect.

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