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Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
I will bet $100 that DD never becomes a top sixer in the NHL.

I could see him as a fourth liner... Nothing more. Certainly not top six. Just didn't have the offensive ability.
Just because I think he has the potential, doesn't mean that I think he will ever realize that potential. I should have stated that more clearly in my original post. He would have to be far more consistent to ever become a 2nd liner. But then again, I am getting a little too ahead of myself; I will have to see him perform against NHL players before I can establish any real grounds for speculation.

How would you compare Dziurzynski to a player like Greening? Greening had a 40 point season in the AHL but he was 24 at the time and spent the majority of the season playing with Corey Locke. So with two more years of development and playing with an AHL all star, he was able to get 12 more points than Dziurzynski's best AHL totals. He then got fairly consistent top six minutes last season in the NHL and was able to put up 37 points.

So I am interested to hear an analysis of the difference between Greening and Dziurzynski. Because if Greening can be a top six player, then I don't see why Dziurzynski cannot be.

But then again, I guess it depends. If you say that a 2nd liner has to put up 50 points, then I agree Dziurzynski will never be a 2nd liner.

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