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05-24-2006, 06:21 PM
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I don't know if its just the model I've been using (I think its called the Mission D1 - it was their top model released over here around 2004 at about 60) but I've never been that impressed with the level of padding on it. The level of flexibility and the lack of weight to it is fantastic, can't fault it there, I never feel like it is restricting my movement. The padding on the other hand aint so impressive. A good example of why i wasn't impressed with it occured during a game about a year ago. We were getting thrashed and the other team was just shooting the puck from everywhere, particularly the defence. As a forward who doesn't mind blocking shots, I was doing what i could to help stop some of those shots get through. Some of those shots caught me on the padding just above the knee and it didn't half hurt and i got some big bruises but that is to be expected. It would have been nice if the padding there was stiffer or thicker but thats not what concerned me. As well as being bruised where the shots hit me, after the game i noticed that my hips were covered in bruises as well from the contact with the ground where i'd slid in front of the shots. My technique for sliding shot blocks isn't too bad, I certainly don't throw myself at the ground but I expected the pads to be a little more effective. I've also been left feeling sore for a few days after tripping/being tripped and landing on my backside. And I've also gotten some big bruises after getting hit with the puck on wrist shots or stray passes that aren't even that hard. The best conclusion i can come to on girdles (based on a very limited range i've worn, including an old franklin one) is that all of them are designed purely for comfort and flexibility, protection isn't that strong a design point, although that said, the padding on the backside is better than the padding elsewhere on my model, but still not fantastic. If there is a sort of heavy duty girdle out there, I'd love to give that a go, kind of a half way between a girdle and a hockey short. If there isn't, I think I'll buy some shorts, regardless of the decreased mobility.

As for combining them with a short, I don't know how that would work out. I imagine it would only serve to make movement a little more difficult without adding a significant level of protection.

Keep in mind though that my girdle is a few years old and the technology may be better in the newer models and there may be girdles out there with better levels of protection than the one i am using. If anyone could give me any details of a model that offers decent protection, I'd appreciate any information. Otherwise, I think I'll get some shorts and wear them under my covers, even though it may look rubbish

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