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11-24-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by zeppelin97 View Post
I really wish we had a commissioner that cared about the NHL. Someone like Brian Burke. Bettman seems ok with sacrificing a season to get the best deal.

This has been Bettman's biggest criticism during his regime; he ain't a hockey fan. I guess hes done his job making money for the owners. It would be unacceptable to any real fan to lose one full season yet Bettman is about to embark on losing his second full season under his regime.
Bettman is a business man. He gets 8 million dollars a year to make the owners hundreds. Like any successfull business man he doesn't give two turtle ***** about those that are unhappy about his decisions.

All other sports have people in place that care about the success and perception of their sport. They help out both sides and in doing so keep the public coming back (revenue flow). they know that you can't sell jerseys when nobody see the player on TV. In doing so, all of these other commisioners get paid big bucks.

Now, GB is in a hard place here. The owners are at odds with eachother and there is no collective decision amongst the 30 owners. GB has to mediate the owners, media and fans, and the players.

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