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Originally Posted by Lowe in Oil View Post
I find that extremely hard to believe.

Actually I do not believe it at all.

It's impossible.

I read an article earlier this week that examined the area the Panthers play in and the profit that arena makes. They looked at each year for the past 10 years. During the last lockout, that arena's profits took a dive. How could profits go down if the Panthers don't make any, seeing as they're one of the have-not teams?
Also, how to rich billionaires keep buying NHL teams if they continually lose money? These businessmen are billionaires for a reason. They aren't stupid. They won't buy a team that is not profitable.

Losing money, and actually losing money are two very different things.

The Oilers are currently losing money (because if they were in a new arena, they could be making more) but they aren't actually losing money. No one in their right mind would buy something for $200 million if it didn't make any money.
What I was saying was that collectively, the owners are losing $18 million per day in revenue. Most of that revenue ends up back in the players' pockets.

In terms of profit, the teams are losing $720,000 per day collectively. That's a per team average when you take into account all 30 teams.

So in terms of actual money, the owners are losing $720,000 per day but in terms of actual money, the players are losing $10 million per day.

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