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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
Hatcher, Ludwig, Blake, Jovo, Konstantinov, Pronger, and this is just off the top of my head. And we're just talking DPE, not historically fearsome hitters like Robinson and Potvin.
You got footage of Pronger or throwing a Scott Stevens-esque hit? I already know the answer to this. Pronger was a stick-checker. He did his damage with trees during Stevens' career. Jovanovski and Ludwig used to clutch on to people and toss them, which isn't what I'm talking about nor is it the type of thing that would cause a Mark Messier to swing a stick at your head because it wasn't something that would hurt you.

And Hatcher and Konstantinov were two guys that were forced to pay a price for playing that way, although Konstantinov didn't really hit to injure and Hatcher eventually stopped paying the price when the referees inexplicably started protecting the guy during the twilight of Stevens' career. Probably because of the Betruzzi incident.

Now Brendan Witt, Steve Webb, Vaclav Varada and Tyson Nash were four more guys who would just run people consequences be damned. But they aren't exactly from Stevens' "era," solidifying jobs after Stevens was already old.

Edit: How'd I miss this? Robinson and Potvin

I'm sorry are you under the impression that Scott Stevens was known for going hip on hip, rather than for freight training people in the torso?

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