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11-24-2012, 12:58 AM
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The one thing that sets RG3 far far apart from the other quarterback being discussed in this thread is his intelligence. RG3 has excellent football intelligence(coming out of college it was talked about a **** ton) and also he carried a pretty darn good GPA throughout college. RG3 will be far more successful than Vick, Mcnabb, and Jason Campbell(why was he even mentioned?) because of his football intelligence. Also the kid can throw the hell out of a football, and accurately too.

He is the real deal, and with time will only get better. If teams have the ability to get to know his tendencies from video, he will be one step ahead of them. He can make plays by running or throwing 55 yards down field hitting his wide out in stride. Pretty impressive stuff from a rookie. One thing he does need to learn is not taking big hits though, if he does that he is set.

(P.S. noting he is a duel threat quarterback, the possibility he might get hurt is always there, so that is IMO the only way he doesn't end up better than McNabb and Vick.)

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