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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
How many leagues have lost two full seasons in the last eight years?

Or ever for that matter?
The league has had two lockouts the last 8 years, but what the players say is so hypocritical. I think it's stupid if they lose this season, but when teams are not healthy, something needs to be done. It's both sides fault.

The owners who handed out massive contracts just before the CBA expired are just ridiculous. That must have really pi**ed off GB and I am sure he told them they shouldn't do that. Those owners basically lowered Garys leverage by doing that.

The players also knew the lockout was coming. They shouldn't insult all of us though and act so surprised or stupid (although a lot of them probably believe what they write and speak of). Why would a bunch of players make sure they got signing bonuses.

I just think Gary gets way too much flack. He has done good and bad, but IMO he has done more good for the game and a lot of people skip past that. It's too bad Donald delayed this process overall. I hope he doesn't play around too much and underestimate Gary and the owners.

They should both actually just step aside and let the others get the deal done. The NBA had the commish's sidekick finish off the deal basically.

The players also really showed how much they hate these situations by offering up a 5 year

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