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05-24-2006, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by jester099
Seriously, how much worst could it have been ?

Offering 8 millions for a guy RFA ? how many 1st round picks is that ?

Unless we're talking about Crosby or Oveshkin, I'd be very pleased if someone made a 8 000 000 offer to one of my RFA...

Not many players are worth 5 or 6 first round choices IMHO...

In a cap world forfeiting your 1st round picks for such a long period is suicide. Filling your lineup with low budget UFAs will make a very crappy team. You'll need good young talent to stay on top. The kind that's only available throught draft.
Exactly. If I was expecting someone to offer max price + 5 1st round picks for Richards, he'd be in a plane ready to ship.

I love Richards very much, but he's not worth shooting yourself in the foot with an 8 mil contract and giving the next five 1st rounders.

As for Raymond's credibility, I just don't know. He doesn't come across as someone who would make things up on the fly but I guess it is possible (I mean, he's not as bad as Yvon Pedneault!)

I guess its like the other rumor (Francois Gagnon I think) that states we were this close to signing Kariya (apparently, the deal did not went through because the Habs put an ultimatum).

I guess it always creates nice discussions.

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