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Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
$500 000 is lot of money. Most of the population get's by with a lot less. What do you need the extra 7.5 for
Would you really pass up an extra 7.5 MILLION dollars just to play for a team you like a bit more? $500,000 is a lot of money, but wouldn't you be able to do a lot more with an extra 7.5M? You can live a very nice lifestyle for the rest of your life after only 1 season, and you wouldn't have to work another day in your life. With $500,000, you'd still have a lot of money, but if you only played one season, you couldn't live the rest of your life on that without working, unless you like living on 30K a year. And you probably wouldn't be able to help many family members, since that isn't a crazy amount of money. With the extra 7.5 million, you'd be able to buy a house for all of your relatives, you'd be able to make sure everybody has everything they need, and you could also help out a lot of people in your community, etc. with that money. Also, with that extra money, you'd be able to buy pretty much whatever you want. Even though that sounds greedy and selfish, wouldn't you love to have a really nice home, car, boat, etc that you normally couldn't have in real life? Why should mother ****ing Gary Bettman be able to make millions and millions of dollars just to destroy a league, while you work your ass of doing whatever you do for an average salary? Why shouldn't YOU be able to finally live large?

And let's say you play 10 years, what will your total earnings be after 10 years:

With $500,000: You'd have 5 million after 10 years
With 8 million: You'd have 80 million after 10 years

Would you seriously pass on 75 Million dollars just to play with the Senators instead of a team like St. Louis or something? Seriously, all that money traded for a different colored jersey. At the end of the day, it's really just another jersey.

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