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11-24-2012, 05:47 AM
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It's really a race to the bottom now. NHL tried hardest while NHLPA did pretty much zilch for a few months. Now it seems NHLPA is more eager to get a deal done. But it's too little, too late for both of them.

They weren't up to the task. Two guys using 90s negotiation tactics clashed and it ended with pathetic inability to find a solution.

Originally Posted by JKsilverstick View Post
The PA offer is not linkage. It is the same garbage, once again reworded. It is all the benefits of linkage, but none of the risks.
There is a pretty big difference between players getting $1.91B with at least 1.75% guaranteed raises and what the NHLPA proposed now. The lack of guaranteed raises makes it a different beast and the players share is significantly lower in year 1. The guarantee will still be unacceptable to owners since the principle of sharing the risks of the work stoppage is important to them.

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