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11-24-2012, 07:04 AM
Nac Mac Feegle
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Goof grief. We have no idea if any of our rookies are going to pan out. Ceci is 3 years away minimum, our top defensive rookie/sophomore is out for the year, Wiercoch is still in rebuild mode after his injury...and we have no idea if Ziggy and Silv can adjust to the North American game.

Last year Karlsson had a dream season, we had great goaltending for the first time in years, Alfie & Spezza were relatively healthy...and we still barely squeaked into the playoffs with the 8th seed.

The odds are pretty damned good that Toronto (at the very least) will be better, along with the Islanders and Canes. There's a very good chance we won't make the playoffs this year (or whenever we get back to playing).

Why get saddled with a handful of free agent contracts now? Why not wait for at least another year to see what's going to happen? We don't even know if Alfie will be back this season (if the lockout drags further).

We just need to wait this out a little longer. Give the kids a year to see how they grow in the NHL, then evaulate what we need and make informed decisions from there.

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