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11-24-2012, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
In the school library now, half doing homework, half HF Boarding (new verb?), and the kid next to me is using a Thesaurus. My first thought was "Why is he carrying around that book when he can just use the interent/Microsoft Word and get everything he needs electronically within seconds?"

It got me thinking about how much longer paper will have a practical use in our world. Technology seems to be slowly, but surely, replacing it.

-Most, if not all, of my classes offer E-Books instead of/in addition to the regular textbook
-Lots of people have online Newspaper subscriptions
-Dictionaries, Thesauruses, Encyclopedias, and most of our older mediums for research have all of their information online
-Tablets allow us to have libraries of books on a 10x8 screen

Are there any other long lasting venues for constant and necessary paper use? I'm sure Legal Firms and Hospitals are going to need them for a while but i know an Uncle of mine is working on an $80 million dollar reformation project to transfer Hospital records to a 100% electronic format.

How much longer will paper continue to play a major role in our life?
I think its painfully obvious that paper will be around for much longer. First off where do you find all of these people with e-books or guaranteed internet access, let alone a computer or electricity? Honestly if you know how to use a thesaurus it is probably quicker to look up a word in there than open your internet browser, go to the site and search the word. Paper will always have a place, most important documents need a hard-copy. Things like contracts I would never want just an electronic version. The hard copy is your hard evidence. Think about like someone else said, advertisements, letters, bills, mail in general. You're always going to need something to jot down on real quick too. Paper isn't ever leaving. Some parts of the world don't even have electricity and we are already looking to give up paper?

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