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11-24-2012, 08:11 AM
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Next Potential GM Game Thoughts


Hello ladies and gents , im here today to see who has interest in another GM game , my goal is ed least 20 GM's but ideally would love 30. I've played in a couple of gm games now and have noticed that specs don't mean much if you are in a one year game. I would love to try out a GM game only after GabborikTheBeast's Gm game ends though. I am wondering who would sign up but this game will be different , i would like to do a 4 year game. Here's how it would work , we give a good Week or longer for GM's to sign up , you can sign up here now but i wont be taking what team you want just yet. if i get ed least 17ish GM's i think we could try it out , We start out at the start of the season , here's where you will make your trades , the "Trade deadline" is one week after the season has started. after the trade deadline people can post there rosters and you can send your standing votes in. After that we do the playoffs , voting round by round. then we do the entry draft , then we can do Free agency. and we repeat the process. This is mainly to keep a game for a month going and to test. and see who shows interest this also gives more Value to prospects and we will see more "Trades that would actually happen". If you want to join just respond to the thread and tell me so , or pm me. Let's try it out! If you have questions feel free to leave them i will respond.

Also , Players CAN retire! When a player hit's the age 42 they retire for sure. unless they are already 42 like Teemu Selanne they have one year left. But once a player becomes 38 they May retire , it all depends on who they are , if there a big name like Zdeno Chara he most likely will play until he is edleast 40. so he could retire at 40 , 41 or for sure 42.

We dont excpect you to check in EVERY minute of every day unless your a Commish or Free agency agent. As long as you can check is every day that be great.

If you want to be a Co-Commish , NTC Commish or Free Agency Agent , leave so below but we would expect you to check online a couple of times each day.

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