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11-24-2012, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by blooblood View Post
he is better than he was. he has a career high in points, tied his career high in goals, broken 40 goals twice in three seasons, 100 goals in 3 seasons, and achieved career milestones all as a ranger (300 goals). just do the math, you had him for 8 seasons and he had 219 goals and 218 assists. in the last 3 years he has picked up that pace tremendously. 105 goals and 105 assists over his last three years. hes getting better and better.


3rd in goals 15th in points.....i really dont know what more you could want from him. hes not gonna win an art ross or a richard with the competition he has but to say he isnt a 1st liner please. are you suggesting ovechkin is a 2nd liner? how about kopitar, st louis, eric staal, parise, iginla, d sedin, ben, ryder, perry, nash, vanek, or allfie are all 2nd liners? gaborik had more goals and points than all of them. a ton of "honest ranger fans" hate gaborik and would rather see avery there instead. you see them throw gaborik in every trade proposal. in reality gaborik is hands down the best forward that we have until someone else on our team can prove themselves of taking over that title. of the past 3 year the NYR have had 2 players as our highest point scorer. gaborik has 2 years with that title and of the two players who achieved it he is the only one still on the team

you clearly do have some gaborik hate or you have not seen him at all in the past 3 years. not clutch in the playoffs? how many active players have ended a 3OT game?
That's because the Rangers over the last three seasons are significantly better than the Wild when Gaborik was playing for them. Gaborik was playing with beyond scrub players. Put younger Gaborik on the current Rangers and the guy scores 50 goals easy.

Also, it's not like a labrum surgery isn't serious. I actually had the same injury and surgery as Gaborik a year ago. I also played hockey on that injury for months. And it's not something that you are guaranteed to come back from 100% after the surgery. In addition to closing the tear in your labrum, most times they have to tighten up all your shoulder ligaments. You can get most your strength back, but it's very easy to have your shoulder muscles tighten up from time to time and you need constant rehab for more like 9 months and routine work after than.

And the funny thing is that Sather agrees with me. He wasn't going to chance another playoff run on Gaborik's body and the aging Richards. He went out and got Nash, which I think he pulled off brilliantly.

I actually live in Manhattan and have great respect for the team the Rangers have put together. I think trading Gaborik would be a major mistake. But I'm not so silly to pretend that Gaborik has monster trade value. He's got value to a contender and nobody else. Which just happens to be the Rangers.

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