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11-24-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Zen Arcade View Post

He has been fairly useless, but 3 of those 4 guys were also in the line up last night. The only one who wasn't is Payerl, and he's injured.
There have been several games this season where much more useful hockey players were put in the pressbox for this clown to "play".
MacIntyre likely would've been sitting too if it hadn't been for all the nonsense that happened in the last WBS/Hershey game. I've been critical of him, but he came in and did his job.
No he didn't. Bobby Farnham did it for him. Like I said in my above post, do you think the Bears and Jeff Taffe himself are OK with him having to fight Farnham the way he did? No. Now on the flip side of that question, do you think anybody is worried that two window lickers like Mac and Clackson fought? Once again, the answer is no.
I'm not a fan of throwing punches when the other guy is down, but there was going to be a message sent to Clackson, a light heavy who just fought a rookie way out of his class in fighting ability the previous game.
Exactly. So shove it right back in their face. Their goon goes after our top prospect, so send our goon after their top scorer. That's just brilliant and the way it should be.

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