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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
That was the case in recent months. Sport TV have now changed their approach after pressure from viewers. They were supposed to show only 3 out of 7 Slovan home games in November and December. However, they have now changed their mind and will show all 7 of Slovan's home games, including the one yesterday. That's nice. However, they still won't be showing all of Slovan's away games, for example during Slovan's upcoming road trip in Siberia and the Far East. And I simply don't buy those excuses that the KHL "didn't offer those games to them". I'm sure there'll be some kind of a stream at for each game, and Sport TV should be showing that, if nothing else. The picture quality can't possibly get any worse than what we saw from Yaroslavl.
You dont buy this argument of SportTV, so ok. Your choice. Lets have a look at copyright.You (SportTV) have to sign license agreement with rights holder (KHL) to be able to stream/broadcast games at your tv. It is not possible to take a stream from and broadcast it at SportTV. You need to sign license agreement before. What if KHL does not offer THIS game? Simple, you can not broadcast it.

Another problem with Sport TV is that they have two channels, Sport 1 and Sport 2. Few households in Slovakia have access to Sport 1, and very very few have access to Sport 2. Despite this, Sport TV prefers to show Slovan's games on Sport 2, even though they realize this means fewer people in Slovakia will get to see the live broadcast. Like I said, Slovan's KHL games are used as a tool by Sport TV to get Sport 2 into more Slovak households. Sport TV wants Slovak viewers to complain to their cable TV operators so that they include Sport 2 in their packages for subscribers.

There were days in September and October when Sport 2 was showing Slovan's game live, while Sport 1 was just showing a re-run of an unimportant event. This was intentional in order to promote Sport 2. After heavy criticism, Sport TV have now changed their approach a bit, and tomorrow's game of Slovan vs. Lokomotiv will be shown on Sport 1 rather than Sport 2. However, looking at the line-up of December broadcasts, it's clear that Sport 2 will remain the preferred channel for Slovan games, although Sport 2 is even less accessible in Slovakia than Sport 1.
As you wrote it is policy of SportTV to get channel 2 to more households. I have no problem with this policy, it is reasonable. I dont like it, but dont criticize this approach. If I dont agree with it, I dont have to subscribe/change provider - so I am without Slovanīs games. If I want to watch it, I subscribe/change provider.

Yes, it is easier to write it than done. On the other hand, it is a bussiness for SportTV. So why are we suprised? There are other FREE slovak broadcasters (Markiza,Joj, RTVS) who had opportunity to buy KHL license and did not do that.

Why ESPN does not broadcast NHL? Because ESPN or NHL did not agree with conditions of license, so no NHL on ESPN. Why Versus bought NHL rights a few years ago? As I know the main reason was to expand into american tv market. Right? SportTV has been doing the same with Sport2...

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