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11-24-2012, 09:20 AM
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Guess where they go

This is just a game I figured we could do before trade deadline comes some will be traded some will stay but this is a game to see where people think players will end up
obviously these are players from teams that might sell or stand pat
Brandon Hynes
Jean-Alec Banville
Sean Girard

Saint John-
Jonathan Huberdeau
Ryan Tesink
Kevin Gagne

Phillipe Danault
Troy Vance
Phillipe Hudon

Marc-Olivier Broulliard

Jimmy Oligny
Maxime Lagace
Ben Duffy
Josh Currie
Alex Micallef
Victor Provencer


Scott Oke
Peter Trainor

Obviously not all these players will be dealt and some of these team might end up buying and some not do anything. But these are some players I feel will be availiable what do you guys think and where do you think these guys end up Flame away!

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