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11-24-2012, 09:26 AM
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500,000, even after taxes, is quite a bit more than the average... You can certainly get by.

Also if you're a top-10 player you shouldn't have much trouble finding a sponsorship. Plus you get to play with your hometown team.

But honestly I take a different team. It's really not worth ~7 million a YEAR just to play for your hometown team, and you can still get a sponsorship, you're still a top-10 player... Like WTFetus said, someone like Tom Brady came to New England and now he's more or less of a God here. I think it'd be fun to move somewhere and make a living and legacy.

When it comes down to it, do I take sentimental value or an extra 7-8 million in the bank every year? Not too hard for me to choose there. If you play 15 years, we'll say you average 7 million a year route A, average the ELC/raises/whatever, consistent 500,000 route B.

In your 15 year career with your favorite team, you would make 500k more than you would in ONE YEAR playing on an indifferent team. 7.5m total, 98 million less overall. Tell me sentimental value speaks that much, even if you don't care for the money that much.

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