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11-24-2012, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
mehh, I don't share your sentiment, now if we were talking about an Argentine or something that I'd def. couldn't see it happening for the life of me, but I don't think Brazilians would be bothered by a Dutchman who is world renown as a top class coach

although, you might have a point only because it's being held in Brazil
I have 5 brazilians in my team at work, and I can tell you that a foreign coach will never happen to the brazilian national team. Not because they're patriotic but because they have pride in their domestic football. They have no interest whatsoever in european football, very few of them follow european football, and they become completely disinterested in the brazilian players that decide to leave for europe. And when these players play for the national team they get a lot of pressure to perform well. Imagine what would happen for a coach.

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