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11-24-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
The reason I wanted to know this is because I hear a lot of people saying boycott the NHL in order to protest. This will not work cause we all know we will be back once the doors open again. But if we all collectively boycott one major sponsor, it might be enough to get pressure on the NHL from this company to get the season started. Let's say all Canadian fans decided to cancel their Bell TV service, or call their subscriber and remove tsn from their subscriptions, do you think it would be enough to pressure the league in striking a deal? We can even take it further by listing all companies who carry ads on tsn and boycott them too. I think it can work.But we have to have many people on board.
That might work if Comcast didn't effectively have regional monopolies in their cable markets (not sure what the current situation is like in Canada, but generally in the USA Comcast, Time Warner, etc stake out their territories and then don't fight each other).

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