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11-24-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
no you cant, but thanks for caring.

no Slovan x Jaroslavl tomorrow.

whats insulting on saying that Slovak Sports TV ppl are idiots ? Slovakiaīs TVs are poor buyers and miserable sellers, thats why ppl dont care about buying their products which smells and has terrible packing. Cant even hire a proper announcer + pundits, always same terrible clowns who are all-sports experts, one day commenting on tennis, other day on figure skating etc they they are all of sudden hockey experts. They rarely provide viewers with valuable insight, just a load of emotional bs. No wonder that during WC, a lot of fans in Slovakia switch to Czech TV, because our pundits/announcers are unbearable.

Another nice example of their idiocy: 2 years ago DIGI Sport bought TV rights for football Corgonliga + NT games because noone (Markiza, JOJ, STV) were interested in buying these rights. NT games have good ratings and sports ppl cant convince TV owners to invest a bit into sports. Same goes for Slovanīs KHL rights btw snapped by another marginal Sports TV, Sport 2, they bought it becaue noone else was interested. Dont you see the pattern ? They probably believe that someone gives them TV rights for free.
Same for Latvian TV.

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