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11-24-2012, 10:45 AM
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Same goes for Slovanīs KHL rights btw snapped by another marginal Sports TV, Sport 2, they bought it becaue noone else was interested. Dont you see the pattern ? They probably believe that someone gives them TV rights for free.
Thats what I am saying. It is not fault of SportTV that bought KHL rights, or fault of KHL that no free slovak broadcaster was interested. So blame management of Markiza/RTVS/Joj and NOT SportTV or KHL.

Your only change to get Slovanīs KHL games on TV is to subscribe Sport1/2 because SportTV will likely get KHL rights for next seasons. We will see how long deal it will be.

If speaking about announcers .. yes, that is major problem of SportTV (and all broadcasters). I hope they will improve.

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