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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
But that's amateurish of Digi TV to offer only Sport 1, and not Sport 2. You as a Digi TV subscriber should put pressure on Digi TV to include Sport 2 in their sports package. That's exactly the strategy of Sport TV, by the way: they keep pushing Slovan's games to Sport 2, even though they know that Sport 1 is available in more Slovak households. Slovan's KHL games are a tool for Sport TV to get the Sport 2 channel into more Slovak households. Which would be OK if they at least showed all of Slovan's games, both home and away, and not only some games.
You call Digi TV amateurish, while I think they are the best TV provider on market, and the sad thing is we both are right Did you ever tried to push Digi TV ? I tried, and achieved grawnd total nothing. 2 years ago they cancelled HBO pack without notification, I kept bugging them with my emails and always received auto-generated reply about how hard they try and ask for my patience blah. Pushing provider leads to nowhere.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
It's, but they apparently show only those Slovan home games that aren't shown on Sport TV. The price was €0.80 per game, I think. Of course, you can watch all of Slovan's games at for about €1.25 per game.
no Slovan tomorrow
so I will probably take a look onto site. Been to yesterdays game and enjoyed it, my first game of a season directly on stadium. Do live 130 kms from Bratislava and TV/stream is the best option for me.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
By the way, now that we're midway through the season, the KHL should perhaps reduce their prices for season-long subscriptions. If all Slovan games for the season cost €37, they should now perhaps cost €18.50 or so. That's how the NHL used to do it when it was still offered in Europe via ESPN Player. NHL GameCenter is far superior, though, with the exception of its archive section (NHL Vault) that was still only Flash-based in 2011/12. By contrast, it's very nice that offers both live games and archived games in non-Flash formats, so they run very well on a phone or tablet as well!
sounds good but I´m not interested in buying season package as I spent a lot of time by travelling, f.e. this month been already 10 days outside of Svk, next month it will be 2 weeks etc. Do prefer buying single games.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Another thing the KHL might imitate from the NHL next year is an "Early Bird" subscription. Right now, subscribing to streams of all games by all teams costs about €111 for the season (should be around €55 by now). Why not start selling those subscriptions in July or August, as "Early Bird" offers at, say, €99 for the whole season? I think I'd buy that!

For comparison, the entire NHL season via NHL GameCenter cost me €122 a year ago as an Early Bird offer. I never regretted buying it, and the picture quality was amazing: razor-sharp for all games when streamed from an iPad onto a 46-inch TV screen. Who needs TV channels if digital streams are this good?

love NHL, Nova Sports games were more than enough for me, mainly due to unfavourable playing times. Used to watch only weekend´s afternoons games (7-9 PM CET).

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