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11-24-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Yes, you mentioned Lokomotiv game but it is not fair to compare it. Lokomotiv is special case due to air crash last year.
Lokomotiv wasn't the only broadcast with hideous picture quality this year. I think that Nizhnekamsk and others were pretty bad as well. Still, even "hideous" is preferable over "nothing".

I'd be interested to hear if you get any feedback from Sport TV on those missing Sibir & Novokuznetsk broadcasts, Vorky. Perhaps the KHL was "embarrassed" to offer those games to foreign TV stations due to bad picture quality. But then it's just a misunderstanding and it needs to be explained that we, Slovan fans, definitely prefer a bad broadcast over no broadcast. We won't really be offended, even though we may b|tch and moan about the picture quality.

I heard about the situation in Latvia being similar to Slovakia, but at least you can buy all of Dinamo Riga games on TV if you want to. Right now, it would be a success for Slovan fans if we at least got to that stage.

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