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Originally Posted by Leaffan16 View Post
- He isn't a 1st line center. Or a 2nd liner on a cup team as that's when teams usually have 1B's like Kesler or Pavelski or Zajac that are actually good defensively. And his cap is terrible, with it being comparable to St. Louis, Perry, Tavares, Getzlaf, and even Kessel, but he has no where near that quality of play.
- He would be put on the 1st line, if he was better defensively, a playmaker, and taller/physical.
For your 1st paragraph, that's wrong for B). Look at in depth stats like Rel Corsi which will prove more. And you didn't even talk about your 'point B'.
For the next, that's why they don't play together. Pretty obvious.
And no, there is not 90 1st liners. That's funny if you think that. A 1st liner is suppposed to get AT LEAST 60 points per season, and can produce and make others better. So unless you want to list your top 90, that idea is garbage.
The only one's you can compare him to is Kunitz and Ryder, as the other's have way more parts to their game.
And the thing when comparing play is per game stats. Not total, as there is a lot of injuries taking games out for players. So assists are imo more important for a center to get then goals, so with ~50th is assist ppg, and ~35th in goalscoring, that ranks to about 45th. And once again, those other centers have better intangibles than Grabs.
Steen, Pevs, Duchene and Brassard did not have close to Grabo's linemates, those 4 played 3rd line except for Brassard who only did good in the end.
And you can't make an assumption by yourself. This whole thing was put into Grabovski's favor, as he is average defensively and a bit streaky, and hasn't been shown to produce in pressure games. Plus, center's are usually supposed to be making the plays, and that's why they are the middle man to set up each winger.
By that statement, anyone can make up any standard they want for what 1st liner is?

Saying you have to play at an "x" level to be a 1st liner, REGARDLESS of the competition in the league is a bit silly, which is what you are saying.

Say the NHL has no 60+ pt players.

The best player is Malkin and he only puts up 50 pts a season, then is nobody considered a 1st liner?

What if 300 players score over 70 pts a season, then is almost everyone considered a 1st liner?

To make it to the NHL you only have to be better than your competition.

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