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11-24-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
The NFL did not miss any games.
Hmmm, maybe they're incredibly profitable because they know how to run their business.

Yes, the revenue disparity is large between franchises.
Why is that?

Some may need to re-locate, and the owners have agreed to address some of the disparity through an increase in revenue sharing.
Are you suggesting that the revenue disparity is the reason teams may need to relocate? How did they get into that mess?

Who is to be held accountable?

They're in the mess solely because players made 54-57% of HRR, right?

The NHL does not have a large national TV contract that will cover the entire amount of increased revenue sharing by itself.
Yet the promise of that TV contract (which is 11 yrs away now) is why we justify the antics of the NHL today.
NHL players get a higher percentage of revenue than any other professional sports league, yet they generate the least amount of revenue. MOD The players will have to take significantly less money. At some point even you will have to admit that.
I have no problem admitting that, but to draw any conclusion from it on this basis alone could be misleading.

Some teams pay 30% of their revenues to players; and others are approaching 100%. So again-- fix THAT problem.
The owners should not be expected to operate their business at a loss.
Any business cannot be guaranteed a profit in spite of everything they do.

The owners who are not operating at a loss would receive a massive windfall gained through extortion via a lockout, sanctioned cartel behavior since the players foolishly continue to remain unionized.

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